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   About Pool Tile Restoration              (No Glass Bead Blasting)
For All Your Exterior Tile Cleaning Needs
Benefits Of Using Magnesium Sulfate
  • Green Technology (environmentally safe)
  • California EPA approved
  • California OSHA approved
  • pH Neutral (no change to pools pH)
  • Safe on any tile surface
  • Safe for people, pets, and plants
  • Safe for pumps and sweepers
  • Minimal water loss
  • No broken glass in pools (glass beads)
  • No slippery beads on decks
  • No damage to tile
  • No pitting glaze
  • No mechanical abrasive devices
  • No harsh acids or chemicals
 * Magnesium Sulfate is a water soluble, pH netural mineral.                  ***MOHS scale is a measurement of hardness 1 = talc thru 10 = diamond
          We Use Mineral Salts
Does the white calcium build up on your pool tile take away from the beauty or appearance of your backyard?                 
Are you tired of wasting money on products that say they clean pool tile, though you receive little or no positive results?                                          
We offer a new innovative technology for removing the ugly film and white line that is so prevalent with the hard water here in Fresno County.    
Unlike old technology like glass bead blasting, Magnesium Sulfate does not etch or scratch tile while giving it a natural polish at the same time.                
The end result is a tile that looks new and easy to maintain.
Our MaxxClean system consists of a soft in nature, naturally mined mineral Magnesium Sulfate that can gently and safely clean dirty grout and remove calcium, oily residue, and algae from your tiles, walls, and deck of a pool without causing permanent damage to the serfaces being cleaned.  This unique process was originally developed to clean soft and precious metals, helping bring back their original beauty.  The environmentally friendly soft abrasive mineral media is agressive enough to remove the toughest deposits, but gentle enough to not damage the grout, plaster, or scratch the tile glaze.  We have adapted this method to pool tile and fountain cleaning and can now bring back the beauty to your tile without the use of sand, glass beads, or abrasive acids.

First, we will drop the water level down to just below the tile. Then we remove the calcium with a commercial pressure washer and Magnesium Sulfate* injected into the water stream.  The Magnesium Sulfate is softer (3.5MOHS**) than the tile (5-6MOHS) eliminating any risk of damaging the tile.  The most common method used by other pool tile restoration companies are glass beads (6-7MOHS) blasted with air, the glass beads are harder than the tile, thus potentially etching or pitting the tile.  If left in the pool, glass beads can cause damage to the pool sweep, pump, and other equipment.